Infinite Snapshot

The ultimate file recovery technology

With the certainty that your information is always secure

Infinite Snapshot: Full copy of your disk to the second, every instant

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Loozend totally avoids information losses. . It is based on a proprietary technology. The IT market has never seen a user-friendliness and total recovery certainty such as the one offered by Loozend.

Loozend protects everything, all the time and forever. It protects your whole disk, regardless of its content and size. You do not need to select folders or files.

Unlimited storage capacity. Loozend does never delete anything even if the user does so. Everything is stored on an efficient, secure and perfectly organized cloud platform.

Information privacy is totally guaranteed. We encrypt all information before sending it to the cloud platform. Information is only available to its rightful owner.

Loozend is unnoticeable to users. It works on the background continuously and unassisted. You do not need to start it, stop it or wait until it finishes.

It works even in the absence of connectivity, storing the history of your computer activity in your own disk, thus allowing you to work without any fear of loosing information.

You register, we take care of preparations and you just enjoy the ride!


You download and install our application choosing an e-mail address and a password to access it.


Loozend will undertake an initial exploration of your disk while you continue working regularly. This process may last between 6 hours and 2 days, depending on the amount of information stored in your disk, the available bandwidth and the number of hours your computer remains turned on. If you do not turn it off during the night, the process will be quicker.


From the moment of the initial exploration, your disk remains protected every single second. You may now surf your disk from the root directory (C:, D:, etc.) and rewind or advance rapidly in time, downloading everything you need.

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Only for Windows 7 onwards, MacOS and Linux, in the future

Internal disks only

Regular use of personal computers

Restricted to one unmetered Internet connection

Loozend will need a portion of the available space in you disk (up to 5%)

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