Protect your information now

With Loozend, you have the certainty of not losing your information. From the moment you install Loozend in your computer, you will be able to recover anything: files, photos, programs, bitcoins, even the recycle-bin. Everything. All the content will be protected continuously without you even noticing it.


Register and download the program


Install the program with one click

First copy

Loozend makes the first copy of your disks


Loozend protects you all the time


You won’t notice we are there

Loozend works all the time, continuously, and that's why it doesn't need to take up so much of your computer resources, and it works undetected. Your computer at your service, not the other way around.


Forget having to do backup

People tell us that they always forget to do backup. With Loozend, you can allow yourself to forget about it. We protect all the info on your hard disc, all the time, therefore preventing a complex configuration or the need to keep tabs on a timetable.


Your information is only yours

We are concerned about privacy and that's why Loozend encrypts your info since it originates from your computer and it stays encrypted until you need it. We understand that your info is only yours. If someone shared it, that would be only you.


Quick recovery

Loozend allows you to recover anything that has been on your computer. Surf online your copied hard disc folders and go forward and backward, minute by minute. Download, just with a click, what you need.

Don't let anything or anyone make you lose information on you computer

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