With this solution, you will never ever lose any information from your PC

Your information in the cloud and permanently protected.

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guarda tus archivos en la nube

Backup copy second by second.
Infinite Snapshot


No need to configure

Easy to install. No need to choose folders or files, no backup schedules. No need to read any instructions.

Protected from ransomware attacks and viruses

You will always be able to rewind your pc to the moment just before the attack and retrieve your information at no extra cost.

Efficient storage system

Our algorithms allow us to be superefficient in the use of storage space. We operate a cloud platform that is safe and highly organized.

Guaranteed confidentiality of your data

We encrypt your information before sending it to the cloud where it remains encrypted until you need to retrieve it.

Unnoticeable to the user

It works on the background continuously and unassisted. No need to start it or to stop it. No need to wait until it finishes.

Recover anything you need

You can recover the entire drive or the smallest file in your pc.
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The technology that stores everything

Infinite Snapshot stores copies of the operating system, all programs, every version of every document, digital certificates, temporary files, e-mails, documents (even those you deleted), recycle bin… Everything.

You just register, we prepare it and you are certain that all your information is safe and accessible.

1 You download and install our application.

Choose an e-mail address and password to access your portal.


You may now continue working normally. Loozend will explore your drive for the first time.

This process may take from six hours to two days, depending on the amount of information stored in your disk, the available bandwidth and the number of hours your computer remains turned on. Leaving your pc on during the night accelerates the process.

3 From the moment this first exploration ends, all your information is safe and protected.

Now you can surf your drives in the cloud from the root (C:, D:, etc.), rewind and advance quickly through time and recover any content you need.