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Forget making backup forever!

Oct 1, 2018 | Articles

People forget to back up. That’s the reality. Since the beginning of personal computing, one of the main reasons for not backing up is that users never find the right moment to take care of it. But why should we nowadays have to remember about something so basic?

Technology has evolved immensely. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, smartphones, even the Internet of things. All of these breakthroughs make our lives easier. Nevertheless, protecting our information against accidental loses and attacks remains a complex and demanding task. We have to remember about it, turn on our computer, launch the process, maybe even connect an external disk and finally store the disk in a safe place.

A modern backup tool must comply with the following three requirements:

  1. It has to be automatic and has to work continuously. As far as one is working on the computer, the backup tool must save all the work done to a different location. It must at all costs avoid users’ operation. The user should never ever have to remember or do anything.
  2. Full backup is a must. Nothing should be left behind, since we never know what we can afford to lose or what may be important in the future. Threats are forever more complex and sophisticated. We keep more and more information in our computers and this information is getting more relevant to our personal and professional lives. Of course, movies or music can be downloaded again but how long will it take and what obstacles may we face when doing that?
  3. It must be totally user friendly. Ideally, it should not require to read a manual. It has to be so intuitive that anybody can use it without any specific knowledge and without having to pay attention to anything.

In summary, traditional backup tools force the user to think about the process and how to organize it. A 21st century tool has to free users of the need to perform backup and allow them for better use of time and effort, like going to the movies .


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