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Oct 1, 2018 | Articles

Your car being stolen is a real setback. You have to report it to the police, inform your insurance company and trust that the authorities will recover it in the not so distant future. Almost 60% of stolen cars in the USA go back to their rightful owner when they have been stolen. It is also highly likely that the insurance company will cover the potential damages and even replace the car if it is not found.

However, of the more than 5 million laptops stolen every year in the USA, only 3% are recovered. You can therefore count it as total loss, if it happens to you. Obviously, the cost of replacing a laptop is many times lower than the cost of replacing a car. But are you so sure that the suffering caused by losing the laptop is lower than that of not recovering the car?

Today the information inside the laptop matters more than the laptop itself

Most people would suffer more for the loss of their laptop. No paradox here, it is simply that the information we keep in our laptops is forever more important in our lives. Additionally, very few people regularly back up the contents of their computers. Losing a laptop without having a backup copy of its contents surely implies the loss of important information such as pictures, documents, passwords, licenses and other, that in many instances are unrecoverable. Besides, one would need to devote a great amount of time to recover and reorganize that information. A lost car will have a high cost, but at least can be replaced.

We know of this one case when a car window was broken to steal a briefcase containing a laptop, and its backup disk!

It is crucial to have a backup copy of all the information saved in your computer as well as another copy in a different location. Nowadays there are very user-friendly backup solutions that demand no effort on the part of the user, at very good prices. So please make sure that your information is safe.

And even if your information is well protected, if you need to leave your laptop inside your car, you better hide it well!


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