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Mar 7, 2019 | Articles

Loozend offers the ultimate solution to the problem of Endpoint protection.

Based on a new proprietary technology, what Loozend does is what we call an “Infinite Snapshot” a full and continuous image of your hard disk drive.

Infinite Snapshot = Image of the full hard disk drive, second by second

Loozend avoids the use of Volume Shadow Copy technology; instead, it uses a new superior technology, much more reliable and efficient. Unlike VSS and other snapshot technologies, it works in a continuous mode not in periodical bursts or time intervals. Loozend protects all intermediate stages, second by second, even in fractions of a second and including open or blocked files. By creating full images of hard drive disks, it does not limit file sizes at their origin and does not impose any limitation on cloud space.

Loozend works in the background without affecting your computer performance and it does not require the user to take any action.

With Loozend’s Infinite Snapshot, you can go back to any moment in time, surf your hard disk drive through all its folders from its root directory, and download any file or folder or even the full hard drive disk.

Go back, through a website, to any instant in your hard drive disk, to surf folders from the root directory and download any file

Information is stored in a Cloud Computing platform based on a combination of public clouds, thus fully guaranteeing information availability, reliability, security and privacy.

Loozend does not delete any of the images. You can always go back to the beginning of the history of your hard drive disk protection, including times when there was no connection to the server.

Loozend implements a “global deduplication technology” with the highest degree of granularity, thus achieving substantial efficiency in the use of your CPU, hard drive disk and Endpoint communications, as well as in cloud storage space. This remarkable efficiency together with economies of scale allows for highly competitive costs.

Great efficiency and deduplication allow us to offer a most competitive price to companies and professionals

Strong encryption at the originating point, in transit and storage of the information, together with the use of Data Shuffling schemes, maximize security and privacy.

Loozend is self-installing by users and does not require any configuration whatsoever. Its deployment is thus most simple. Users do not have to take any action. Furthermore, their actions cannot negatively affect protection. Negative effects could only happen in case of uninstalling Loozend, or if the computer remains out of reach of the server for an extremely long period.

Providers of IT support services, as value added integrators, will have available a control console to be able to monitor the status, evolution and statistics of all Endpoints under their supervision. They will also receive alerts when connections fail and be able to pay for the service in their own name or on behalf of their customers.

Very soon, Loozend users will be able to choose a Zero-Knowledge service, using private passwords known only to them.

If you are interested in sharing or distributing Loozend to your customers, you may contact us through the following e-mail address: distribuir@loozend.com


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