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Ransomware? Nevermore!

Oct 1, 2018 | Articles

Virus and ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and not only in large corporations but also to personal computers and small companies’ systems. Malware is forever more sophisticated and it is difficult to imagine what variety of damages they will be able to cause in the future.

Traditional backup tools catch an image of the computer’s contents, at certain given moments in time. This interval may be quite long – hours, days or even weeks. Besides, they only protect some of the files and directories contained in the disk. If a virus attacks the computer, the intermediate work will be lost, as well as all other unprotected files.

Sync tools, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive, do not protect everything. Even worse, they reproduce in the cloud whatever happens to files, including viruses and ransomware. Ransomware will not only impact the one computer but would also infect other synchronized devices, including files of friends or coworkers that are shared with that computer. Also, it must be noticed that most sync tools delete older versions, maybe not infected, after 30 days.

With Continuous Data Protection, computer viruses do not worry me

Despite the fact that technology has evolved substantially in many aspects, traditional backup tools continue to show deficiencies.  If viruses and ransomware still represent a threat, it means that people are not using a backup tool that guarantees recovery.

When applied to a whole disk, “Continuous Data Protection Technology” will help individual users and small companies to solve these issues. It allows to rewind in time, by the minute and even by the second, to the situation the computer was immediately before any attack happened. Ransomware need not to be feared any longer. We all deserve the peace of mind of an overall and effective guarantee of recovery. And while some are fearing ransomware, we should indulge relax and go karaoke.


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