Expand the opportunities for your business with the best product to store and recover your information.

Infinite Snapshot Technology. It copies the entire information of your client, second by second, every instant
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Second by second advantages


Offer your clients value added services

Fast deployment of the solution at end client; service monitoring; assistance in partial or total recover of your clients’ machines.

Differentiating product to expand your client base

Offer additional services to your current client base; add their laptops, for instance, which you are not covering now given the complexity of doing it with traditional backup tools.

Technical support

Customized support for your company and your clients.
  • User friendly.Once you register and install Loozend, you do not need to do anything else. Our solution works continuously on the background of the computer.
  • It is a program to recover deleted files, which does not require to be started or stopped; neither do you have to wait until it finishes.
  • Unlimited storage space. Loozend stores everything that goes into your drive, second by second, with unlimited size and storage capacity. It stores all files and does not delete anything.
  • Time machine. With Loozend, you can surf time, go back to the past, to any previous version, to recover deleted files or those attacked by ransomware.
  • Guaranteed recover. You will be able to download any file you want in any of its versions, provided it has ever been on your drive. You may even recover the entire drive.
  • Maximum privacy.Information is encrypted at its origin until the moment you decide to download the backup copy.

More information about our solution

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Loozend Articles

Technical details

Technical details

Loozend offers the ultimate solution to the problem of Endpoint protection. Based on a new proprietary technology, what Loozend does is what we call an “Infinite Snapshot” a full and continuous image of your hard disk drive. Infinite Snapshot = Image of the full hard...

Is Windows 10 deleting user data?

Is Windows 10 deleting user data?

According to many media, including PCWorld or the BBC, the most recent update for Windows 10 is deleting user files and even complete folders. After rolling back the update, the files and folders remain inaccessible. Microsoft recommends to report it to their support,...