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My backup tool stinks

Sep 28, 2018 | Articles

The development of backup tools has frozen for 30+ years. Really, there’s been some evolution, but nothing when compared with other technologies’ breakthroughs.

  1. Still need to select things: folders, files, file types. Decide synchronizing vs mirroring vs augmenting. Differential vs incremental vs total
  2. Need to program timing: every x hours or days, every Thursday at 8pm
  3. Issues with open files, databases, large files, high modifying frequency files
  4. Restoration in long time leaps, and restricted to a small set of files
  5. Limited in size and number of versions
  6. And dropbox, google-drive and the like have led us think they can do the job, but accidental deletions and viruses are telling a very different story. They erase deleted and older versions after 30 days

The users of the 21st Century deserve something far better than that. A modern tool should require no configurations from the user, work in the background, unperceivable, and offer a chance to recover anything and everything, going backwards in extremely short increments (seconds) if necessary.

Is this possible? Internet is today very fast, CPUs are powerful, cloud storage is cheap, so, why not?

Let’s not accept old stuff any more


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