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Is Windows 10 deleting user data?

Oct 11, 2018 | Articles

According to many media, including PCWorld or the BBC, the most recent update for Windows 10 is deleting user files and even complete folders. After rolling back the update, the files and folders remain inaccessible. Microsoft recommends to report it to their support, because they might be able to recover them in some cases.

All software may have bugs, no doubt about that. And in this case, the update was not released for massive adoption yet. Accepted.

But, do why do we still have to be worried about losing our data? We are in the 21st century, the smartphone era, Internet of Things, Big Data.

Loozend has developed a revolutionary tool that offers an extremely high guarantee of recovering anything that has been on your disk, even for an instant. And is as easy as a power switch, not requiring any action from the user. You can recover your things going backwards in time by the minute.


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