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Are you the one who is the family’s technical support or the one who tells the jokes?

Oct 3, 2018 | Articles

Since the arrival of the digital era to people’s home and the arrival of the Personal Computer more than 30 years ago, a new role has appeared at home that we now recognize as Family Technical Support (FTS).

Who are the FTS?

They are friends from work or university, relatives, neighbours, acquaintances, etc… they are people who are hands on with any type of gadgets, either digitals or not.

Many years ago, when they came by, they were the ones who helped with the tv settings, connexions, cables, etc…

Being TFS carries a great responsibility

With the appearance of the PC, they acquired more responsibilities like installing operating systems, shortcuts, printers, and so on.  And on top of that, they took care of backing up the most important info. At the beginning, they did it not only to safeguard the info, they also  did it to protect themselves from the misuse that family and friends might have done with/to the PC, and for them to be able to solve problems and get back any info that might have got lost. Many times,  it implied a few days of not being able to use the PC but at least, it wasn’t necessary to start all over again.

In time, these services evolved, and they had to add the installation of antivirus, firewall settings, remote access apps, setting up routers for remote access and more.

Besides all these services, the FTSs became the people to ask for advice about what technology was best to buy or which one was the best according to one’s own budget.

Since the FTSs appeared, the biggest problem or challenge they faced, was how to protect the info of friends and relatives without expenses that might never be paid. The difficulties they face nowadays are:

  1. If you use portable discs or USB to determine how many are required and what capacity.
  2. With the use of USB discs, if they leave them connected all the time, the user might remove them because he/she doesn’t remember what those discs are for or the help removes them. This problem and its causes are really widespread.
  3. The selection of the backup software, setting it up, adjusting the timetable, asking friends to leave the PC on at certain times, deciding what’s important or not to backup, and so and so forth.
  4. And finally, upon the arrival of the cloud, it appears the problem of which one to use in each case, the cost depends on the space required for the backup, deciding what to backup or not to reduce expenses, etc…

The reality is that all the points aforementioned are just the tip of the iceberg of everything the FTS has to analyse and of which somehow she/he is responsible for.

Because of that, a FTS is always looking for a backup solution that allows in a very easy way:

  1. to protect all the friend’s info without having to find out what’s being used and how.
  2. to save everything in the cloud without limitations.
  3. that works automatically without having to programme complicated sophisticated settings and having to remind the user to leave the PC on or to do backup.
  4. that the friend is able to use the PC all the time.
  5. that makes it is easy to recover anything whenever you need it.

Possibly, the choice of the backup tool is fundamental for a FTS, because it gives him/her the peace of mind that whatever happens, she/he would be able to recover all the info for his/her friend or relative.

Being a FTS demands a huge amount of patience.

The role of the FTS has implicit moral rewards that only we FTS are able to appreciate!

Loozend is the help we deserve in helping our friends and family!


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