All the information in your computer always secure

Infinite Snapshot: the ultimate tool that guarantees recovery of any file or document that was in your computer at any given moment

Extremely user friendly. No need to configure anything


Simple and easy process

Through our website, you can surf all disks in your computer to find and choose the folder containing the information you lost


Go to your past…

With the help of our universal calendar, you will be able to choose the minute you are interested in and access the folder exactly as it was at that precise moment


…and recover your files

Select the files or folders you need and press the download button. You can also recover a whole disk

Unlimited storage

We store and keep everything at all times and forever

Loozend is the most secure backup solution. Users love it and IT Administrators trust us

Loozend guarantees that you are able to access and recover to the second any information that was ever stored in your computer

Privacy. Your information is encrypted through the most advanced technology

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