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Loozend offers a definitive solution to the problem of information protection in Endpoints.
Based on a totally new and proprietary technology, it does what we call "Infinite Snapshot"

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Technical details

Loozend offers the ultimate solution to the problem of Endpoint protection. Based on a new proprietary technology, what Loozend does is what we call an

Is Windows 10 deleting user data?

According to many media, including PCWorld or the BBC, the most recent update for Windows 10 is deleting user files and even complete folders. After

Traditional backup can take ages

Traditional backup tools work based on time intervals of hours or days. Between these intervals, documents and files suffer a lot of changes that must

Is dropbox a backup tool?

Document synchronizing and sharing tools, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive, have been tremendously successful, with more than 500 million users. This is

Is your backup driving you crazy?

Traditional backup tools force the user to identify those documents or files containing the relevant information that they want to protect. However, users hardly ever

Ransomware? Nevermore!

Virus and ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and not only in large corporations but also to personal computers and small companies’ systems. Malware is

Forget making backup forever!

People forget to back up. That’s the reality. Since the beginning of personal computing, one of the main reasons for not backing up is that

My backup tool stinks

The development of backup tools has frozen for 30+ years. Really, there’s been some evolution, but nothing when compared with other technologies’ breakthroughs. Still need

Not time enough for backup?

Less than 5% of Windows users backup the contents of their personal computers. As crucial as it is, why do people don’t do it? Is

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